WE TELL STORIES 2012 Introduction

We Tell Stories¹ brings together artists and writers, doers and thinkers to spell out the possibilities of storytelling as a cultural practice today. Various ways of storytelling – performance, public action, conversation, writing, drawing, photography etc. – will come to the fore. In five exhibitions and five social gatherings We Tell Stories, in short, presents an antholo­gy of meaningful stories that are current­ly being told.
A Social Gathering will be held by way of opening the exhibition. At each opening there will be something to gather around: A performance, a public action, a talk. After that we will cheer, mingle and share lively thoughts. All Social Gatherings will be held on Fridays at 17:00 (see events). At the beginning of the weekend this will be your cultural excuse to let your work be – drop those books, come out of the library! Don’t be the romantic loner, leave your atelier! – We Tell Stories brings you culture shared with others under the summer sun!

¹· What if storytelling could be one of the possibilities to surpass cultural relativism and evade scepticism towards changing things for the better… how to put it into practice? What to tell? How to tell it and to whom? Moreover, how to rethink and distribute the relation between the teller and the public? If I tell you a story is it not you who adds to it by imagining the story yourself? If so, storytelling enfolds itself to be above all a social practice, one of sharing and adding to each others thoughts. Henceforth you, the public, become crucial to make the circle round. Then, how to accommodate all this sociality? Can we act up to this frankness? Could we come to a shared imaginative momentum and tell new stories about ourselves? We Tell Stories talks the talk and walks the walk; let’s find out if storytelling could be both a pragmatic as well as a poetic approach to how we imagine ourselves, our social relations and our surroundings to be. Is it in shared stories that we could suspend the disbelief in adding to the world for the better?