Side Dish is the parallel program of Corridor Project Space for 2019.
With Side Dish we dive into the world of investigations. How can art contribute to different ways of eating in the sense of experience, habits, buying behaviour or a broader reconsideration of the product that people eat. We invite artists who approach food in a different way in order to share these ideas with a larger audience and to continue to expand these explorations through public discussions. Food can be used in their work as a theme, material or the food chain as subject of their practice. In the 5 Side Dish events throughout the year each artist is collaborating with an expert, a professional involved in the local food production, and a chef. On these evenings we will share food with the audience, in the form of a dinner and talks or a more experimental structure.

The dinners were prepared in collaboration with Axe & Porridge (Sander Uitdehaag and Veniamin Kazachenko). The spontaneously combusted duo Axe & Porridge operates both as artists and chefs. The ability to appropriate both artistic and culinary domains ‘en flux’ by cooking in a guerrilla style, improvising and meeting new people, characterizes the duo. Exploring the interstice, Axe & Porridge have been providing the menu for the different events of Side Dish.

Side Dish kindly supported by Amsterdam Fonds Voor De Kunst and Gemeente Oost.