In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity

Photo by Sara Bjarland

“Support’s first operational feature is its proximity. No support can take place outside a close encounter, getting entangled in a situation and becoming implicated in it. A desire emerges, an offer opens … it cannot rely on intellectual awareness or abstract information, but requires a proximity and intimacy.”
— Céline Condorelli, Support Structures

You are warmly invited to “In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity”, the first strand of an exhibition in three parts entitled “In Support”. “In Support” is an attempt to look at artistic practice as a practice of support. In contrast to the atomized individuality of the precarious subject, support is a call for togetherness and relationality—essential in today’s world of plural crises.

Over three months we’ll be approaching support from three angles: first, “Support as Intimacy and Proximity”; second, “Violence of Support”; and third, “Support Structures”. Each part will comprise an installation in the street-side vitrines of De Kijkdoos (Weesperstraat 51, Amsterdam) and an accompanying performance work.

The first strand, “In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity”, will open with Aldo E. Ramos’ performance piece “How Far Can You Be?” The performance focuses on the unresolved case of 43 students who were disappeared by the police on September 26, 2014 in the city of Iguala, Guerrero, in Mexico. “Support as Intimacy and Proximity” formalizes the qualities and quantities projected by the framework and the performance through a threading of objects and images. Giulia Crispiani’s and Anne-Xûan Llanes’ sculptural forms and Baha Görkem Yalım’s multi-dimensional collages propose a compositionist imagining that can perhaps be read as a series of eight tarot cards.

“In Support”
June 10 – September 2, 2017
De Kijkdoos
Weesperstraat 51, Amsterdam
Open 24/7

“In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity”
June 10 – July 10

“How Far Can You Be?” by Aldo E. Ramos
June 10, 19:00

Curation and theoretical framework:
Baha Görkem Yalım

Artists for the first part:
Giulia Crispiani
Anne-Xûan Llanes
Aldo E. Ramos
Baha Görkem Yalım

Céline Condorelli, Support Structures
Roland Barthes, “Dark Glasses” in A Lovers Discourse: Fragments
Gilles Deleuze, Foucault
André Lepecki, Choreopolice and Choreopolitics

Graphic / web design:
Bram van den Berg

Phil Baber

Technical support:
Suat Öğüt

PR support:
Suzan Kalle
Müge Yılmaz

“In Support” is realized with the support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst / AFK