“The Voice as an Object, Voice IV- CONCRETE ECHOS

Annemarie Oosterhuis & Doran Schmaal
Exhibition: 02/05 – 13/06 2015
Social gathering: Saturday 02/05 at 6pm

Workshop: 7pm


Concrete echos, all that is concrete is an echo, an echo of its cast, whatever embraced it before its temporary pliable identity changed into solid form.

Concrete matter, both a physical substance and that which is at stake: thoughts, themes, and issues. That what acts in between us.

Inspired by Herman Hertzberger’s monumental concrete and steel late modernist building de “Weesperflat” (1966), Annemarie Oosterhuis made 8 sculptures researching the material, responding to texts Doran Schmaal wrote, in a constant back and forth. Adding industrial materials to concrete parts that still resonate their casts, making what was first mere sand, stone and water into tangible artifacts. Like a Barbapapa struck and solidified by Medusa’s gaze, beautifully put on a pedestal with the imprint of the wooden park bench still visible on it’s back.

The transformative and poetic qualities in concrete are what is being played with in this exhibition. Concrete: a mix of cement, sand, small stones, and water. All loose materials, mixed into a paste. That when poured, completely adjusts to it’s host, the mold. Mimicking the inner side of whatever it is poured into. Embracing what it is cast upon into a stable structure.

We see the proces of this extremely pliable material into a material which name is also DE KIJKDOOS used to describe and symbolizes the un-transformable, static, undeniable proof of something that as an interesting metaphor. To describe how we research, approach things, and how we turn things so fluid to often into custom-made set in stone truths.

During the exhibition we organize two workshops. You are cordially invited to participate. The outcome will be documented on concrete-echoes.tumblr.com. Please feel welcome to play on may 2nd from 6.30 pm and on May 24 from 2 pm.

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