The Nightshift


2nd- 23rd April 2016

Social gathering: 2nd April 2016 at 7pm.

Exhibition by Giovanni Giaretta

Text by Sara Giannini

The Nightshift is a hypnotic collection of videos tackling the relationship between perception and projection as well as hinting at the suspension of disbelief which is inherent to cinema.

When you live by night the sense of reality deviates of a few yet significant millimetres, causing a shift between waking and sleeping. It is there, in this state of simulated wakefulness and disguised sleepiness, that the fantastic comes in and fiction comes true.
All the works exhibited here capture our gaze without constructing any narrative. They just show what they are: attempts to create illusions, tricks for the eye.

We struggled so much to make it through the night, that now we can barely speak. 

The textual inserts are fragments of a text written for the occasion by Sara Giannini.

Giovanni Giaretta currently lives and works in Amsterdam.
After graduating in Design and Production of Visual Arts at the IUAV University in Venice, he took part in a number of residency programs including: Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris in 2010; Macro, Rome Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012; and, most recently, De Ateliers in Amsterdam.

De kijkdoos [de kɛɪkdos]: a craft box that can be used to create a virtual diorama. A viewer, through which one person at a time can see an image.
Since 2010, De Kijkdoos Public Space served as a cultural cabinet to engage in collaborative cultural production and artistic research of any kind. It exposed imaginative, absurd and intelligent ideas to a broad public.

De Kijkdoos is the outdoor exhibition space of Corridor Project Space. The opening will take place in public space so take your jacket.


The exhibition is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).