The Devil Museum

The Devil Museum by Jacob Dwyer
Opening: 21st August The work will play at 7pm and 9pm ~please arrive on time~ The Devil Museum is 1 hour long

For this exhibition at Corridor Project Space, Jacob will present his new audio drama, The Devil Museum. In it we listen to the audio diary of a man tasked with photographing all three-thousand of the museum’s devil sculptures. As the assignment begins to falter and the man starts spending more time in his wooden cabin, the piece moves into subjects of boredom, isolation and Martin.

The last time I saw Martin was six months ago. He’d just gotten a new job at Rainbow Solutions. They’d given him a company car and we were out in Gypsy Hill so he offered to drive us home.

I mean, it did have this big rainbow printed on the bonnet, but other than that it was a nice car. It had this huge sunroof and it made me think, “Why don’t all cars have a sunroof like that?” Like, it took up the whole roof of the car, which is great for sunlight and vitamin D.

Strangely, there’s also a little sunroof in this room. The whole cabin is made of wood apart from this small square in the ceiling. Only thing is, it’s covered in snow right now.

The work was produced on residency at Rupert (Lithuania) with support from the Mondriaan Fonds. It combines field recordings with original musical compositions by Kareem Lotfy and Jacob Oostra.

Jacob Dwyer (UK) is an artist based in Amsterdam. His work often centres around personal encounters that could equally be seen as fables or heresy. He studied Experimental Film at Kingston university and completed a residency at De Ateliers (Amsterdam).

The Devil Museum will also play every Saturday at 6 pm and Sunday 3pm

Each season, Corridor Project Space focuses on one main theme that is explored through a series of exhibitions. Frozen Time attempts to explore our current societal obsession with time. Invited artists approach the theme through different angles and practices, leading us to think about solidarity, economy, and boundaries formed by and through time. Corridor Project Space is kindly supported by Gemeente Amsterdam