Sudden Stop

Sudden Stop
Exhibition by Fraser Stewart & Özgür Demirci
Opening: 10 March 6-10 pm
Exhibition: 10 March- 7 April
Corridor Project Space (Veemkade 574, Amsterdam)

It’s the moment when it already happened when the energy that kept you going has slipped away. The moment you found the place to loose it all together. It will bring endless possibilities and combinations. It is fertilising rather than destructive Sudden Stop. It’s the future and you are part of it.

Sudden Stop will present new works by Özgür Demirci (1982, TR) Fraser Stewart (1986, UK). For this exhibition the artists inquired the moment of the Sudden Stop.
Demirci looked into the pleasure/ energy that people get when they speed yet keep control.
‘The bumper car is a real life simulator, which is generating act of the crash. Bumper cars invented for fun, actually this entertainment tool prepare the new generations to the modern future. There is no difference between real car accident and bumper car, real impact is getting used to having it. In order to produce new goods or ideas old ones should have crashed. That’s why maybe bumper car has no brake, once you get in you should accelerate and hit.’ (Özgür Demirci, 2017.)
Stewart’s work involves the key element failure. It reference the concept of planned obsolescence.
‘So the plane takes off and hooligans are singing. Liars United will never be divided.You look from the window and there is smoke puffing from the engine. It starts to break apart, shards of metal zip off and disappear. Suddenly and without warning the wing is gone. The fuselage starts to crack and rile in pain. The air begins to rush in and then suddenly it is gone. You are falling, the wind is pushing and spinning. And you think to yourself, I hope they don’t find that bloody Trump book in my suitcase.’ (Fraser Stewart, 2017.)

Fraser Stewart (1986, UK) Studied at Leeds Met University School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design and got his Masters of Fine Art at Artez, Arhnem. Between 2013-2015 he was a resident on Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Fraser Stewart lives and works in Amsterdam.

Özgür Demirci (1982, TR) Studied at Yıldız Technical University, Bachelor of Art and Design, Interdisciplinary Arts, İstanbul and got his Masters at Valand School of Fine Arts, Göteborg, Sweden. Currently he is a PhD student at Dokuz Eylül University, Art and Design, İzmir, Turkey.

Corridor Project Space has gained the support of SAHA Dernegi within the grant program established in order to support the Sustainability of Independent Art Initiatives for the period of 2016-2017.