Side dish with Rain Wu

Dinner Event on June 28th 19.00–22.30

Exhibition open on June 29, July 4, 5, 6, between 14.00–18.00

Tickets are including dinner and talk: € 20,80 

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Side Dish dives into the world of food investigations. Through artistic installations we think of a broader reconsideration of the products and matters we eat, by addressing the experience, habits and buying behaviours around our food.

For the third Side Dish we have invited artist Rain Wu who created a tea ceremony set and has worked with edible materials before. For Side Dish she has been developing Simultaneous Melodies, by using mycelium to cast sculptures. Long before mushrooms come to fruition, the network of mycelium grows underground to exchange nutrients for trees and other species sharing the same ground. In Anna Tsing’s book Mushroom at the end of the world, she used the network of fungi as a model for collaborative and communal structure. She describes ‘patchiness’ of the uncontrollable, unpredictable mushroom growth as an alternative model to our current capitalist society. To live on the reign of an unsustainable model that takes systemic measures over the content, content becomes interchangeable assets. This over-simplification is the only way to think in terms of a constant upward growth. A lesson we can take from it is to be looking around, rather than looking forward.

To produce the mycelium sculptures, Rain has been collaborating with sustainable mushroom farmer Rob Hermans of Zwamburg. The oyster mushrooms of Zwamburg grow on coffee grounds, a waste stream taking its source from the hospitality industry. He provided knowledge and equipment to let the mycelium grow into the casts. Mycelium as a material for sculptures does not stop time and unfreezes an object’s stability.

Axe & Porridge (Sander Uitdehaag and Veniamin Kazachenko) will prepare the vernissage dinner. Food will be scattered amongst the sculptural works and will be shared rather than served, in the spirit of fungi’s symbiosis. The spontaneously combusted duo Axe & Porridge operates both as artists and chefs. The ability to appropriate both artistic and culinary domains ‘en flux’ by cooking in a guerrilla style, improvising and meeting new people, characterizes the duo. Exploring the interstice, Axe & Porridge will be providing the menu for the four upcoming events of Side Dish.

Within Side Dish, we have invited artists who approach food in a different way in order to share their preoccupations with a larger audience and extend their explorations through public discussions. Food can be used in their work as a theme, material or consider the food chain as subject of their practice. In the 5 Side Dish events throughout the year, each artist will collaborate with an expert – a professional involved in the local food production – and a chef. During these evenings we will share food with the audience (in the form of a dinner or a more experimental structure) alongside talks.

Corridor Project Space is an independent and interdisciplinary contemporary art initiative in Amsterdam with indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. They believe in the importance of experimental art practices that focuses on the creation of new content that is off the grid from the institutional and commercial circles. Corridor Project Space is run by Suzan Kalle, Suat Öğüt and our lovely colleagues and volunteers! Special thanks to Nolwenn Salaün. Side Dish is supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Gemeente Stadsdeel Oost Amsterdam.