Side Dish with Masha Ru

Dinner 8 February 18.30 – 22.30

Exhibition open on 9, 13,14, 15 and 16 February between 14.00-18.00Tickets are including dinner and talks.

Side Dish is the parallel program of Corridor Project Space for 2019.
With Side Dish we dive into the world of investigations. How can art contribute to different ways of eating in the sense of experience, habits, buying behaviour or a broader reconsideration of the product that people eat. We invite artists who approach food in a different way in order to share these ideas with a larger audience and to continue to expand these explorations through public discussions. Food can be used in their work as a theme, material or the food chain as subject of their practice. In the 5 Side Dish events throughout the year each artist is collaborating with an expert, a professional involved in the local food production, and a chef. On these evenings we will share food with the audience, in the form of a dinner and talks or a more experimental structure.

For the first Side Dish we have invited Masha Ru, who will focus on soil, its taste, health benefits and danger to our wellbeing. In recent years, she has focused on the eating of earth and earth-like substance, also called geophagy. It is an ancient spiritual and healing practice which is an integral part of culture in several countries in Africa, Asia and South and Middle America. Her work for Side Dish will delve into topics such as becoming earth and ingesting art which then will become part of the body.

Masha is collaborating with Riecelda Landveld who is exploring the possibilities of breaking stigmas and taboos around earth eating. During her childhood, she was living in Suriname brought up with eating clay as a culinary ingredient. She later studied at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, Department of Anthropology where she focused on the topic of clay eating. She will give a talk about her research and her Facebook group ‘Clay Worldwide’.

For this event The Foodninja Catering will cook a meal inspired by the topic of the evening but don’t you worry it will not only consist of clay. They will serve a lovely dinner with fresh ingredients and all vegetarian dishes.

Corridor Project Space is an independent and interdisciplinary contemporary art initiative in Amsterdam with indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. They believe in the importance of experimental art practices that focuses on the creation of new content that is off the grid from the institutional and commercial circles. Corridor Project Space is run by Suzan Kalle, Suat Öğüt and our lovely colleagues and volunteers! Special thanks to Nolwenn Salaün.

Eating clay is not recommended by food authority (especially for pregnant women) and is at your own risk.

Side Dish is supported by Amsterdam Fund of the Arts and the Municipality of Amsterdam.