Side Dish #5 : The Struggle is Real

Side Dish #5 : The Struggle is Real
with Suzanne Bernhardt, Roosje Verschoor and Axe & Porridge

Exhibition dates: 16,21,22,23 November 2-6pm

Tickets on sale now: 20,80 Euro see link here (SOLD OUT) join the party after 10pm

Side Dish dives into the world of food investigations. Through artistic installations we think of a broader reconsideration of the products and matters we eat, by addressing the experience, habits and buying behaviours around our food.

For our fifth and last Side Dish, we have invited artists Suzanne Bernhardt and Roosje Verschoor. Suzanne and Roosje are concerned with the increasing speed and decreasing transparency of production processes worldwide. What if we don’t know where our food comes from? What if we forget the journey?

The Struggle is Real shows their research that has its roots in the Marowijne area in Suriname. Here they came across the production of their favorite local dish Podosiri, also known as the açaí-berry. In this exhibition we will move across different geographies, histories and systems of knowledge, challenging the spiritual and economic powers that circulate this berry.

On the night of November 15th, Suzanne and Roosje will present their explorations through the different forms and actors that podosiri actually meets on its road. From its intense production process in the interior of Suriname to a compressed shot of health in Amsterdam, we will explore the contradictions of two cultures united in this superfruit. Roosje has worked as an artist in residence at AGALAB to produce ink from Podosiri and experiment with printing processes. Suzanne fused together river clays from Suriname and the Netherlands to create bowls in which several podosiri dishes will be served.

The dinner will be prepared in collaboration with Axe & Porridge (Sander Uitdehaag and Veniamin Kazachenko). The spontaneously combusted duo Axe & Porridge operates both as artists and chefs. The ability to appropriate both artistic and culinary domains ‘en flux’ by cooking in a guerrilla style, improvising and meeting new people, characterizes the duo. Exploring the interstice, Axe & Porridge have been providing the menu for the different events of Side Dish.

Side Dish is supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Municipality of Amsterdam.