Justice, Property, Foundation

Online exhibition

18 – 25th December 2020

With: Borga Kantürk, Özgür Demirci, Levent Ayata, Mert Yavaşca and Shelter Artist Run Space. 

For full text about the exhibition please download PDF here.

“If we can not go…” A Graphic Novel Project, for pdf download here
by Levent Ayata, Özgür Demirci, Borga Kantürk and Mert Yavaşça, 
Art & Letters by Hürel Çobanoğlu
Cover by Borga Kantürk
Written by Mert Yavaşça
English translation by Hale Eryılmaz
İzmir, 2020
This comic-book as a black and white fascicle as a co-production of Shelter Artist Run Space and Corridor Project Space. 
The individual and collective testimony of the artists produced as a graphic-story about the unending process, focusing on their experiences
Justice, Property, Foundation
Video: 11.25min
This exhibition is kindly supported by SAHA Association and Gemeente Oost.