The Sound of No one listening

Opening: 26 October 2019, Saturday 6-9pm
Exhibition open: 26/10 – 09/11
During Exhibition open every Thu-Fri-Sat 2-6pm

In Your Own Backyard 4th Series in collaboration with Izmir (TR) based initiative Monitor.

Artists: Ali Ibrahim Ocal (TR), Kerem Ozan Bayraktar (TR) and Ozan Atalan (TR) Sara Bjarland (NL) and Kato Six (BE)

Our yearly intellectual framework is titled In Your Own Backyard so to indicate that our collaborations will be focused on local resources, collaborations with neighbours and vicinities. After two years of international collaborations and traveling, we thought that the most interesting stories can be found in our own backyard. We will still keep the collaborations with Turkey as our own backyard of origin and a collaboration with a project space from Belgium as neighbour country of Netherlands.

For the year program and in order to add a local connection to each participant artist or collective, we get in touch with a series of local shops, offices, restaurants, various businesses and institutions that are a neighbor in the area of Amsterdam East and Center. The specifics of each collaboration is clarified in process, in consultation with the preference of artists. We imagine to focus on such as Hortis Botanic Garden and Artis Zoo can be alternative locations to collaborate for this exhibition in Amsterdam.

The exhibition that will focus on the relationship between nature and human will examine the changes of human desires and abilities during the transition period of the agricultural, industrial and information societies. The starting point of the exhibition will be away from the point of view of human being who see her/himself as a sovereign of the world, and it would like to infiltrate the living spaces of that are detained from their habitat. Human being who exploit everyone and everything, including their own species to satisfy their human needs transforms into a producer when it comes to creating new prisons for the ones that make their life easy and satisfied. The exhibition will focus on the surviving stories of the destroyed nature that thrown into background by the human being who has a parasitism relationship with space occupants in the universe.

Image credit: Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Nocturne, videostill – 2019

This exhibition is supported by Gemeente Oost Amsterdam. 

The work by Kato Six is supported by Flanders State of the Art and iPortunus.