In your own backyard ASSEMBLY

Welcome to the last series of events that part of the year program In Your Own Backyard in collaboration with initiative That Might Be Right. On 6 & 20 December an assembly will take place in Amsterdam and 14 December in Brussel.

Brussels collective That Might Be Right will assemble at Corridor project space. An evening of artist presentations, conversations, and living thoughts.

06.12.19 at Corridor Project Space

Presentation by:

Yana Foqué

Goda Palekaite

Juan Pablo Plaza

14.12.19 at LeveFive in Brussels

Presentation by:

Suzan Kalle

Suat Ogut

Zhou Junsheng

20.12.19 at Corridor Project Space

Presentation by:

Céline Mathieu

Amber Vanluffelen

Toby Paul & Mitchell TharJuan Pablo Plaza

That Might Be Right is a collective attempt to reconfigure the politics of making art and find alternative forms of production and presentation. Through a practice of assembly they attempt to bring cultural practitioners together to share experiences and discuss their work. Always with the common aim of better understanding our time and world.

In an exchange between Brussels and Amsterdam That Might Be Right invites you to their backyard at corridor project space. Make all our gardens common and let a thousand flowers bloom.

Corridor Project Space year program is supported by Gemeente Amsterdam