Future of Solidarity

Future of Solidarity
Participants: David Hasert, Mary Ponomareva, Cihad Caner and Jay Tan
Exhibition: 13 October-10 November 2017
Opening: 13 October 6-10pm.

This year we focus on the Future

Teotwawki: [ti.ɑt.wɑk.i] is acronym for “The End of the World as We Know It”
It stands for the potential occurrence of a new and unexpected situation where daily life suddenly might shift. Civilization, urban life, spoken and unspoken rules of society may change and people may need to develop new skills in order to survive.
Let us to think about predictions, forecasts, prophecies on various themes in the future. We will use the Teotwawki as a tool to dive into the intentions, hopes, expectations and plans of each individual and as a community.

Our first project of this season comes with the title “Future of Solidarity”.
Solidarity is essential to survival. Models of collaboration must overcome the current states of competition. Shifts in our engagement modalities can expand into collectivity, connections and reciprocities. To interpret this direction, we invite artists from different disciplines: David Hasert (DE), Mary Ponomareva (RU), Cihad Caner (TR) and Jay Tan (UK).

David Hasert DJ is the founder of LIKE records and a key figure in the electronic music scene of Cologne. He is also the face of Reineke Fuchs. After lots of releases on his own label LIKE, Beats In Space, Dantze and Kompakt Records, there with his Projekt DAMH (which he is running with ADA), its no wonder David is touring all over the world and plays nearly every weekend at different spots – 2015’s highlight clearly is Davids first USA tour finished with a Gig at the legendary Burning Man Festival in Nevada. David will contribute with a new 3 hours set of his own production that relates from his point of view to Future of Solidarity.

Mary Ponomareva recently graduated from the Design Department at Sandberg Institute. Her work focuses on speculations about the future of survival after a potential life changing event. In VR installation “Luxury Survival Fair” she is building a dystopian world model that amplifies the incompatible characteristics of the current day ideologies.
For this project she critically analyses and reflects on the influence of corporate imagery and ‘aesthetics’ in the construction of certain ideologies and their normalisation.
Her VR work and videos cross through lines of post-apocalyptic science-fiction. While the narrative merges simulation, fiction and reality, she merges art, graphic design, CGI and 3D animation.

Cihad Caner’s recent work focusses on the image culture; on ways the “other” is portrayed and the utilization forms of daily life objects in different circumstances such as war, resistance and immigration. He will contribute to this exhibition with DIY Survival Kit (2017) which focusses on how common and domestic objects can be redesigned, translated, transformed in different contexts of civil resistance. He refers in is work to the uprisings that protest against war, economic inequality, tyrannical rulers and demands for more equitable distribution of land and democracy. He graduated in 2016 from the Master Media Design and Communication at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

“It’s difficult to think of an event that occurs without contact.”
Jay Tan employs sculpture, performance, sound and video to produce works in which basic mechanics and tactility perform key roles. For this project, she will contribute a text on the power of glamour and its relation to ways we (might) live together. Tan grew up, in Britain during the eighties, assuming all heads of the state were female. She completed the residency at Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam in 2015.

Corridor Project Space is an independent and interdisciplinary contemporary art initiative in Amsterdam with indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. They believe in the importance of experimental art practices which focusses on the creation of new content that is off grid from the institutional and commercial circles. Corridor Project Space is run by Suzan Kalle and Suat Öğüt.

Save the date: ADE collaboration with David Hasert live performance, 21 October, 7:30 till 11pm

The Future of Solidarity is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, Het Mondriaan Fonds & Amsterdam Dance Event.