It is time, it’s about time. In time, on time. Time by our side, time on our hands. Take your time, take time out. Tell the time, time will tell. Spending time, timing it. A long time, a lot of time, the whole time. In my time, at times, for the time being, all the time. Having time, keeping time. Killing time, wasting time, doing time. For a time, from time to time, at the same time, some other time. Time and time again, in no time at all. Turn back time, this time around. Set a time, serve your time, give someone the time of day. Work against time, be behind times, fall on hard times. The times have changed, the time has come. Time passing, time running out. Time’s up. Time’s out…


Each season, Corridor Project Space focuses on one main theme that is explored in a series of exhibitions. We work with international artists and writers living mainly in the Netherlands and Turkey.

In 2020, CPS has celebrated its 5th year of existence by announcing an open call for emerging artists to submit their site-specific projects focusing on the yearly theme: “Frozen Time”. Frozen Time reflects on the immediate and current existence of the space we run and the artist we are going to work with. Within Frozen Time, CPS wishes to pay homage to the circumstances artists live and work in, and to their approach in making art in relation to historically, socially, and politically engaged practices.

For CPS, the past 5 years have been about establishing the space without long- term structural funding, a constant reminder of the near future, our ethereal existence.

Frozen Time also relates to our current societal obsession with time. People take courses in time management; many are diagnosed with burnouts; and more and more people actively engage with the concept of living in ‘here and now’. The moment we share is a time that will never return, a moment we can use to look at history and think about the future, a moment to reconsider the meaning of the word ‘Time’ itself.

In our 2020 programme, CPS would therefore like to reflect on time and its effect(s) on us, hosts, artists, visitors, inhabitants. We invited artists who approach the theme through different angles and practices, leading us to think about solidarity, economy, and boundaries formed by and through time. Thus, we intend to use time as a tool to dive into the hopes, expectations, and plans of each individual subjectivity coming from the artists, ourselves, and our audience.

1 Frozen Time is inspired by the book TIME, from the series Documents of Contemporary Art published by Whitechapel Gallery in 2013, edited by Amelia Groom.