Dark Matters

Opening : 21 February 2020
Exhibition dates: February 22 – March 15
Open every Fri-Sat-Sun 14.00-18.00

An exhibition by Jean-Francois Peschot, Susan Ploetz and Tom Kemp.
Exhibition text by Rachel Pafe.

Bulky and awkward, the lenses behind the first eyeglasses still transformed the shape of the world. Within means, you could choose to see what was right in front of you- faces, marks, intimate glances were illuminated. As monumental, pleasurable, final as the lens seemed, hundreds of years later, this seemingly perfect instrument was transformed again: into the telescope. While it was outwardly again a choice of seeing, many were gripped by dread at the new possibilities wrought by this once simple tool. It became a matter of not just seeing, but participating in new possibilities of vision. How to gaze upon the vastness of the universe and not be swallowed up? Frenzied, sweaty eyes stretched out and beyond, second-guessing where to focus.

Call for participants! Sasanel, a ‘magical materialist’ larp by Susan Ploetz

In “Sasanel”, you will play a representative of an island culture whose ecosystem, home and way of life is being destroyed by a mysterious outside force, which you discover to be an inland culture that doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with other consciousnesses, materials, and the environment as you can. Can you teach the inland people your magical methods of attuning to your surrounding and resources, before it is too late for your (and probably their) culture and homeland? Can you work with the materials of these inlanders, and create new magical creations that can also help your cause? Engaging with materials, found objects, spontaneous poetry and sculpture, participants will use somatic mindbody centering techniques as a basis for moving, relating, and co-creation in character as members of this island culture.

Thursday 20th February @ 6pm (day before opening, but with optional participation in opening night ceremony)
Sunday 23rd February @ 1pm
Thursday 27th February @ 6pm
Tuesday 3rd March @ 6pm

Duration: ~4 hrs: two hours of warm up and workshopping, 2 hours of play with debrief. No experience necessary, all are welcome.
Free to attend – please book on Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/susan-ploetz-sasanel-dark-matters-corridor-ps-2020-tickets-91787794765

Dark Matters is kindly supported for this exhibition by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst,
Corridor Project Space by Gemeente Amsterdam