MEYHANE [mɛjhɑːnɛ]; is derived from the Persian words Mey (wine) and Hane (house).

Meyhane is a traditional restaurant historically found in Turkey, Iran and the Balkan region. It is all about sharing a selection of mezes accompanied by alcohol, usually Raki, at large tables with friends. This, of course, includes lots of singing, eating and socializing with other table companions; therefore providing a meeting point where thoughts and stories collide.

Corridor Project Space uses this ritual of sharing a meal as the basis for an art event. These events use food as a foundation for intercultural exchange. During each event they host a different participant(s) to tell us about their experience.

PARTICIPANTS at Meyhane in 2014-2018;

Rosa Sijben (Artist), Fraser Stewart (Artist), Müge Yılmaz (Artist), Servet Kocyigit (artist), Alessandra TronconeHarald Den Breejen (Artist), David Bernstein (Artist), Christine Bax (Writer & Artist), Sara Giannini (Curator), Giovanni Giaretta (Artist), Aylin Kuryel (Academist & Activist), Massimo Benvegnù (Film Critic), Pierfrancesco Gava (Artist), Angela Jerardi (Curator), Sara Bjarland (Artist), Müge Yılmaz (Artist)Ehsan Fardjadniya (Artist), Doran Schmaal (Schmall Gallery), Walt Van Beek (Artist, W-O-L-K-E), Lora Sariaslan (Curator), Foundation Simulacrum