As Corridor Project Space we are an independent and interdisciplinary contemporary art initiative based in Amsterdam. We believe in the importance of experimental art practices that focus on creating new, off-grid content from institutional and commercial circles. Therefore we initiate projects where artists, writers, curators, activists and theorists can meet. Together they can think and work on projects with the aim to blend their practices and cultures.

Our team is composed internationally and we have a special connection with artists and curators based in Turkey. We intentionally seek a variety of artistic perspectives and critical approaches. We create projects and draw curatorial directions while leaving the development of each exhibition experimental and flexible. What identifies our initiative is that together with creating alternative spaces for collective art exhibitions.

In 2015 – 2020, CPS established the space located on Veemkade 574, Amsterdam, without long-term structural funding. During COVID-19, our main observation led us to think about solidarity, economy, and boundaries of time. We intended to use a space as a tool to dive into the expectations, and plans of each individual subjectivity of the artists, ourselves, and our audience.

From 2021 CPS, therefore, would like to rethink the role of existing space and what it would bring us. Thus CPS take further steps to extend the experiences and collective projects as a nomadic platform to build strong connections across borders in The Netherlands, then Europe and Turkey. CPS will develop projects with invited curators, and local and international artists to organise exhibitions, and online and offline events such as; panels, dinners, talks, screenings and lectures that make space for conversation and new interactions. The social aspect of our events makes it possible for an international working platform where artists, writers and mediators based in The Netherlands and international hubs get to know each other. Our main goal is to communicate with diverse networks in various locations that can be accessible to everyone.

For more information; info@corridorprojectspace.com

Founder Suat Ogut & Suzan Kalle

Board Suzan Kalle, Doran Schmaal and Servet Kocyigit

Advisor Selda Asal

please find our annual financial statements for 2019 here.

Corridor Project Space gained the support of Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost from 2017 to 2020 and artists invited from Turkey were supported by SAHA.