A Particular Scenario, Scenario III

A Particular Scenario

Scenario III, A Floating Art Space Inside of A Building 

exhibition by David Bernstein, Suat Öğüt and Christine Bax

29 July – 20 August 2016
Opening 29th July 2016, 6-10pm
Performance by Slim Denken at 8pm

A Floating Art Space inside of A Building is a duo show by Suat Öğüt and David Bernstein. The exhibition brings together different elements from each artist through a collaborative process, finding ways of blending artworks into a total experience. The starting point is the wind, and the way the wind connects us all both physically and metaphorically. Through the air we breathe, we share our collective consciousness, our dreams, our grief, and hopes for a better future. We invite you to relax and take a nap, let your ideas mingle with each other.

Higrowtherewegraph Model for a Future CCC by David Bernstein is an architectural model for a dream building, a Contemporary Community Center. Inspired by architect Lino Bo Bardi’s project, SESC Pompéia in Sao Paolo, the CCC would combine: art, sports, swimming, Kamer van Concepts, affordable cafe, sauna wellness center, library, theater, voluntary school, self-luminous society meditation center, and astrological observatory. The model is dynamic, recording and listening to our thought particles in the air, growing together with the ideas we give it.

In Remembrance of Williwaw by Suat Öğüt is a site specific installation that links together the personal and the public. The work speaks of how the larger problems and power structures going on outside can be observed from the private space; a comfort zone behind the curtain. In the installation Öğüt shifts the role of the materials in between curtain and flag questioning symbolic representations. The white flag is known as a sign of protection, truce, ceasefire, and a request for negotiation. The curtain billows in constant movement as in a theater set with a fictional daylight at the end of the space.

Christine Bax writes continuous prose that will thread and mesh the three exhibitions together. Her text will illuminate how all of us, the artists but also the visitors are far more interconnected than we initially thought. The text together with the exhibitions’ research materials and pictures will be published after the end of September, when the project comes to a close. This will be published in English and Turkish in the book “A Particular Scenario”.


A Particular Scenario is a three-series exhibition in which artists from Turkey and the Netherlands will collaborate with a writer. A Particular Scenario focuses on storytelling as practice in contemporary art and each series will wander through a different theme, respectively land, water and wind. The project intends to create a personal, aesthetic and political connection between the cities of Amsterdam and Istanbul.

Corridor project space is a platform where stories on cultural narratives, history and collective memory are shared with the public in a dialogue between contemporary art from Turkey and the Netherlands in Amsterdam.


SAHA provided production support for Suat Öğüt.
Mondriaan Fonds provided production for David Bernstein and Christine Bax.

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