A Particular Scenario, Scenario II

A Particular Scenario
Scenario II, The Optometry Room 

exhibition by Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Lennart Lahuis and Christine Bax

30 June – 22 July 2016
Opening 30th June 2016, 6-10pm

Every tide has its ebb is a site-specific intervention by Hera Büyüktaşcıyan, examining the tidal nature of  the city as well as how water creates dualities on both physical and virtual level. White bricks flowing over the ceiling unfolds the space like the tidal movement of time and enables a liquefied memory to reveal itself within layers. This flux within the space transforms what is concrete into a fluid language that resurfaces hidden aspects of time and histories -urban, social, individual, and political- that continues to exist within a wave.The piece becomes a corporeal reminder of these forgotten elements of everyday life and questions the duality and dialectics of geography, politics, urbanism and our own human nature through the infinite virtuality of water.

In this framework, taking its name from a Dutch proverb, Every tide has its ebb refers to the tidal movement between reality and virtuality, visible and invisible politics that define the dynamics of existence and resistance. Whatever that disappears, would reveal itself again…

Wet Scene Study NO. VIII (Minutes & Meters) by Lennart Lahuis is a text written in water and mainly installed along the walls of the exhibition space. Point of departure was a recent observation Lahuis made in the streets of When a girl passing by with a can of soda, which made him wonder: why are drinks measured in millilitres and not in meters and minutes? The latter seems to be a more visceral, experience-based way of measuring. We don’t usually spend millilitres, we spend time.

Wet Scene Study NO. VIII (Minutes & Meters) is an attempt to melt together physical and ‘textual’ space, materiality and ‘content’. The girl in the text can be seen as a metaphor for the visitor who is guided through the space and ‘consumes’ the text (i.e. milliliters) while walking. Therefore, it also asks the question: can we imagine a more physical and experience-based relation to text?

Christine Bax writes continuous prose that will thread and mesh the three exhibitions together. Her text will illuminate how all of us, the artists but also the visitors are far more interconnected than we initially thought. The text together with the exhibitions’ research materials and pictures will be published after the end of September, when the project comes to a close. This will be published in English and Turkish in the book “A Particular Scenario”.

A Particular Scenario is a three-series exhibition in which artists from Turkey and the Netherlands will collaborate with a writer. A Particular Scenario focuses on storytelling as practice in contemporary art and each series will wander through a different theme, respectively land, water and wind. The project intends to create a personal, aesthetic and political connection between the cities of Amsterdam and Istanbul.

Corridor project space is a platform where stories on cultural narratives, history and collective memory are shared with the public in a dialogue between contemporary art from Turkey and the Netherlands in Amsterdam.


SAHA provided production support for Hera Büyüktaşcıyan.


Mondriaan Fonds provided production for Christine Bax.

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