NEXTEVENT @ Corridor Project Space

14th January 2018 4pm borrel, 5mp screening

Borderline of Vitality organised by Videoist (Ferhat Satici & Hülya Ozdemir)

Artist(s) / participant(s)

Yeni Anıt, Nancy Atakan, Giovanni Giaretta, Servet Koçyiğit, Ali İbrahim Öcal, Hülya Özdemir,

Ferhat Özgür, Janis Rafa, Çağrı Saray, Krassimir Terziev and Serdar Yılmaz

Admission Free



I feel red, I speak yellow part I

De Kijkdoos in collaboration with the Outsider Art Gallery presents two dual exhibitions
18 January – 4 March 2018
Marcello Stokhof and Anke van den Borne

Opening 18 January
from 15:30 to 16:15 at De Kijkdoos
from 16:15 to 17:00 at the Outsider Art Gallery


CURRENTEXHIBITION @ Corridor Project Space

The Future of What

Participants: Mariko Kuwahara, Rosa Sijben Text by Chiara Nuzzi

Exhibition: 15 December 2017 – 13 January 2018

Opening: 15 December 6-10pm


Exhibition: 15/12/2017- 13/1/2017 Opening: 15/12/2017 6-10 pm



26 November – 25 December 2017
Weesperstraat 51, Amsterdam
Open 24 hs – 7 days week

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-04 at 15.13.27

PASTEXHIBITION @ Corridor Project Space


future of solidarity

Future of Solidarity Participants: David Hasert, Mary Ponomareva, Cihad Caner and Jay Tan Exhibition: 13 October-10 November 2017 Opening: 13 October 6-10pm.

PASTEXHIBITION @ Corridor Project Space



DIY Survival Kit – Cihad Caner In the past quarter century the world has witnessed social and political transformations, due in part to an upsurge in civil resistance. There have been significant uprisings around the globe, protests against war and economic inequality, tyrannical rulers, countless struggles against corruption, and demands for more equitable distribution of land and democracy. DIY Survival Kit (2017) focus on how the utilisation of common quotidian or domestic objects has been redesigned, translated, transformed in different contexts of civil resistance. This project is supported by the CBK Rotterdam Image: DIY Survival Kit, 2017, Film Still, CGI, Full HD



PRESENT TIME STATION 24 Aug – 10 September 2017 at Corridor Project Space Open Thur-Sun 12:00-19:00 Finissage 10 September 17:00-22:00 Esther Brakenhoff Marta Colpani Nishiko Esther Brakenhoff (NL), Marta Colpani (IT) and Nishiko (JP) will perform the making of an exhibition. During three weeks they will deal with the passing of time in relation to space and object. Brakenhoff, Colpani and Nishiko will look for evidence of time’s passing in the objects and structures that we inhabit and that we create: in this case the exhibition room of Corridor Project Space.


12 August- 02 September 2017 


3. In Support: Support Structures August 12 – September 2 Opening 12 August 18.00-20.00 Durational work: Epic Intervention by Süreyya Katacabey August 12, Ongoing Curation and theoretical framework: Baha Gorkem Yalım Artists: Nicola Arthen, Olga Micińska, Ivo Rick, Dan Walwin, Baha Görkem Yalım

15 July-08 August 2017 


2. In Support: Violence of Support July 15 – August 8 Opening 15 July 18.00-20.00 Performance: Bent by Leon Filter July 15, 19.00h

10 June-10 July 2017


In Support June 10 – September 2, 2017 “In Support: Support as Intimacy and Proximity” June 10 – July 10 Performance: “How Far Can You Be?” by Aldo E. Ramos June 10, 19:00